Visions and Values

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This is our school vision. It was created by pupils, staff, parents and governors in collaboration with artist, Chris Shipton. 


Head teacher Mrs Jude Bennett said:

“Chris Shipton lead us through an exploration of our values and vision for the children of St Andrew’s in a lively and imaginative way.  This visual representation truly captures the spirit of St Andrew’s.”


Mrs Gail Gauron said:

“We were determined to have a school vision developed by, reflecting, and belonging to the whole school”.


This document gives full details of the visioning process.

School Aims, Mission and Creed

School Aims
We aim to:

  • Provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment within which a broad and balanced curriculum can be effectively delivered;
  • Encourage positive attitudes to learning so that each child may be helped to realise his or her potential;
  • Nurture respect for all those involved in the life of the school;
  • Look after everything around us;
  • Extend social and cultural awareness within the school of local and international communities, with a commitment to provide equal opportunities for all.

Mission Statement
As a Church of England school, St Andrew’s aims to foster the spiritual as well as the intellectual and social development of all its pupils equally, whatever the denomination, faith or religion to which they belong.

School Creed 
We are a learning community where everyone is different and everyone is special.