At St. Andrew's School we are passionate that we bring out the best in every child. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way that we support children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) through our policies & practices.

Please read the attached documents to see how we  achieve this, and providing you with any further information you may need for your child.

You will also find information about particular SEND events or workshops that we have run.

I am an experienced Teacher & have gained the National SENCo Award. My SENCo days are  Wednesdays and Thursdays  and I can be contacted  either through email: or by telephone 01865 762396 if you wish to make a time to discuss your child.


Laura Sykes (SENCo)




In October 2019 we went through a SEND  Peer Review . This was a voluntary process, requiring experienced SEND practitioners from  Oxfordshire schools to  evaluate our  SEND policies, processes & practice. It was a really productive visit ; and as well as highlighting lots of good practice ,  it raised questions about how we could continue to develop our provision for Learners with SEND. The report is attached. We were thrilled with the findings & intend to address the suggested next steps over the year ahead in our Development Plan. If you wish to discuss the report further please get in touch.

Laura Sykes

Mindfulness for Children

Mindfulness involves paying more attention to what is happening right now with an attitude of curiosity and kindness. By learning to focus a little more on what is happening now and how we are feeling, we can learn to manage day to day difficulties and enjoy ourselves more.


Caroline King, an Assistant Educational Psychologist   shared the powerpoint attached , giving  an overview of 'Mindfulness' and  the research and evidence that demonstrates its usefulness in supporting children in schools. She also shared some mindful practices that  can be done at home with your children,  as well  helpful apps and websites that provide further information. 


SEN at St. Andrew's Updates: Please read to find out what's new and happening with our SEN Provision at St. Andrew's
Identifying & meeting pupils needs at the earliest possible opportunity is the most effective way of supporting pupils with Special Educational Needs. To see how we go about this as a school,  please view this powerpoint that was shared with parents & careers in one of our coffee  mornings.

Early Identification & support for SEN pupils

Many children within the school are affected by ' Dyspraxia ', more formally known as Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD). Our SENCo ran some training for staff to enhance awareness & develop capacity within the school to support the needs of children with this condition.

Dyspraxia Powerpoint