SASA - St Andrew's School Association

SASA is the St. Andrew’s School Association - the parent teacher association (PTA) for the school. It aims to enable teachers and parents to work together to improve the school environment for the children. It is for everyone, however much or little time you have to get involved. All parents are automatically members.


Our mission is to support St. Andrew’s Primary School by raising money, building the school community, caring about our children’s education, and having fun



How it works?

We hold meetings once every half term where we discuss upcoming activities and ideas to support the school, with an AGM in July. We are always keen to see new faces and have fresh ideas.


There is a committee elected each year, as well as 2 class reps from each class. The roles regularly change to share ownership, the workload, and to benefit from new ideas and enthusiasm.


The next meeting date is:

TBC: Thursday 30th June 2022


For the 2020/21 academic year

The committee members are:

Vacant (Chair), Vacant (Vice Chair), Helen Reid (Vice Chair), Anna Chamberlain (Secretary), Vikki Simpson (Communications).


The class representatives are:

Rainbows: Georgina Montgomery & TBC

Year 1: Rachael Farnsworth, Eleanor Cameron

Year 2: Katie Small, Anita Matadeen

Year 3: Helen Reid, Emma Edwards

Year 4MKC: Anna Chamberlain, Tetyana Bogdan

Year 4JC: Richard Cohen, Paul Tucker

Year 5: Liz Hurran, Vanessa Clipstone

Year 6: Mazz Image, Emily Johnstone


What have we achieved?

SASA regularly raises about £8000-10000 per year in part by organising events such as the Christmas Craft Fair, School Disco, Fun Run and Cabaret Evening. As well as classroom allowances, equipment for the Quiet Area, support for Full Circle and our school library. With money raised in 2019-20 we have:

  1. paid towards the school Christmas theatre trip
  2. contributed to the school Sustainability Week
  3. contributed to the school History Week
  4. paid for book sets
  5. contributed to the installation of solar panels
  6. paid towards the upkeep and development of the Year 1 fenced area and the quiet area
  7. subsidised yearbooks for Year 6 leavers


In addition to regular fundraising, we also bid for funds and grants to finance specific projects, such as replacing the garden shed, funded by a Greener with Greggs Grant and the hall curtains, funded by a Tesco Bags of Help Grant. The University Colleges Wadham, New, Merton, Christchurch, St Hugh's, St John's, All Souls, Jesus and Brasenose have collectively donated £1925 towards our ongoing library project. Such support gives a huge boost to our fundraising efforts.


How to support our fundraising activities?


Please see our Fundraising Page, where you can find out about our current projects and how you can help.



How to get involved?


The best way to get involved and find out more is to join our Facebook group SASA ST. ANDREWS and come along to the committee meetings. The meeting information is circulated by ParentMail and will also be available on this page, in the previous meetings minutes and on the Facebook page.


You can also speak to any of us committee members - listed on the noticeboard in reception at school - we will be pleased to hear from you. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at .


Our children's school experience benefits from active parent involvement. We look forward to your support in the coming year and hope to see you at many of our events - either as volunteers or participants.


Any way you can help, however little, will make a huge difference!

Vacant (Chair), Vacant (Vice Chair), Helen Reid (Vice Chair), Anna Chamberlain (Secretary), Vikki Simpson (Communications)


Minutes from previous meetings

A committee meeting is held once every half term, where all are very welcome! The minutes from previous meetings can be found below.