To provide the best possible learning environment for every child, St. Andrew’s School Association raises funds for whole-school activities and much needed capital investments at the school.

Here are some easy ways you can support the school through your everyday shopping:


Every purchase of Stikins adhesive name labels using the school’s unique code 18629 provides income for the school

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With over 3,300 retailers including Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, ASOS,, eBay, Boden, and M&S, do your online shopping through easyfundraising and everytime you make a purchase, the retailer sends us a free donation, at no extra cost to you! And to make it super easy, they have a mobile app and a donation widget reminder that you can add to your PC or laptop!

What we are currently fundraising for 

Our Deep Dive Learning Week


History and Health are the subjects for our next deep learning week in school and St Andrew's School Association (SASA) will be supporting this, by funding exciting visits and visitors to the school.


Transport for our whole-school Christmas Theatre Outing


SASA are delighted to make this possible by paying for the coach transport for every child in the school.




Our Library Project


There is no statutory requirement for schools to have a library and as such no government funding. St. Andrew’s believes that encouraging children to read widely from an early age will provide a major boost to improving literacy levels, which is a key educational objective. Our library has a key part to play in this.


SASA are delighted to have received a Tesco’s Bags of Help grant of £4000. With additional support from some of the University Colleges, SASA have funded the purchase of book storage trolleys, books, magazines as well as some much needed physical improvements to the library.


Replacement of astro-turf and playground climbing equipment


SASA is also aware that the time will come when the current astro-turf and playground climbing equipment will need to be replaced, at large expense. We are therefore setting aside funds towards this each year, with the aim of easing fundraising pressures when the time comes.



Install new trim trail equipment


As a city school with 210 children on site we have limited outdoor space, so it’s vital we make the most of the area we have to help get children active!

The school works hard to encourage children to lead active, healthy lifestyles by offering a range of sports clubs and break time games. 

We want to provide as much opportunity as we can for children to get active during their free play time. A trim trail designed to use a range of muscle groups and to make the best use of our available space, will encourage the children to use their whole bodies, and particularly their upper body strength during physical activity. The equipment is also designed to promote social play and interaction promoting opportunities for enhanced emotional wellbeing, problem solving and the development of skills such as communication and negotiation.


Why is this important?

 - Teachers conduct a 'mood' test in the morning and after break times to see how children are feeling at the school. They consistently find children's sense of emotional wellbeing and readiness for learning is improved by increased physical activity.

 - Government research suggests that children who are more physically active are more likely to achieve higher academic success, and less likely to develop mental and physical health problems in later life.

- Children have increasingly sedentary lifestyles, and evidence shows that half of all 7-year olds in England are not achieving the 60 minutes of daily activity recommended by the Chief Medical Officer.

- Levels of childhood obesity are increasing. 1 in 5 children born at the start of the Millennium were obese by the age of 11 (Millennium Cohort Study 2013).


We are proud to support the school in providing the best possible environment so that every child can be happy, healthy and able to learn. This project is an opportunity to make getting active a lifelong habit and to boost children's emotional wellbeing for years to come.

To be located in the school’s only playground, the trim trail will be accessible to all 210 children on site, every day of the school year over the 10 year+ lifetime of the equipment. Siblings, the after-school club (50 children a day) and the holiday club (90 children per day) will also have access to the new equipment.

Improving the Gardening Area

Thanks to a Greener with Greggs grant we have been able to replace the old shed with one that the children can now safely use.

We plan to purchase new watering cans, wheelbarrows, a bay tree, seeds and a large planter for the gardening club.


You can find out more about the equipment and activities SASA regularly raises funds for on the SASA page here: