Green Team

February 2022 - We sent out a whole school half term bingo challenge about enjoying the outdoors. We came up with a list of things we would like to incorporate into our outdoor spaces eg, bug hotels, bird feeders, flowers, hedgehog houses, pond, bird and bat boxes....etc etc. We are thinking about the Wild Area.


January 2022 - We couldn't meet, because of Covid. But in February we are starting our project on biodiversity.


Autumn term 21 - we checked all the (73) taps in the school and asked a plumber to come in and fix the drips. We also did a whole school assembly, where we told the school all about water in the world and how to save water and not waste water. We have asked the caretaker to set up the water butt again, to collect rain water for the garden from the shed roof. We are also looking into getting a new water butt for the canteen building.



July 2021- the Green Team completed an environmental survey of the school and the grounds. We found that we were doing really well in some areas (healthy living, transport), but not so well in others. For this academic year we will be concentrating on the following areas - water, biodiversity and energy. 



June 2021

We took a vote on the new name for our group and we are now officially 


The Green Team


May 2021

We have set up a new Eco Club for 2021 - we are just deciding the name of the club. Our first job is to do an environmental survey of the school to see what we are doing well (and not so well). Look back here for our findings.