About Us

There's more to running a school than many people think. The backbone of a good school is a robust set of policies. The heart of a good school is a positive vision and ethos. Governors play a crucial role in both. At St Andrew's we're fortunate to have a dynamic board of governors, dedicated to setting the highest standards for our school.


We meet once a term as a full governing body. We have two main subcommittees, which also meet at least once a term. The teaching and learning subcommittees (TLIS) keeps a watch on aspects such as pupil progress, special educational needs, equalities and anti-bullying. The finance subcommittee (FPP) makes crucial decisions about staffing, buildings, equipment and how the school deploys its resources to educational ends. There are other working parties which consider aspects of school life from ethos to communication.


St Andrew's governors appoint members of staff. We take a proactive role in monitoring the day-to-day running of the school through a programme of governor visits. We challenge and support the school, and make far-reaching decisions about how it is run. We bring a diverse range of perspectives from the local community (co-opted governors), the diocese (foundation governors), the staff (staff governors) and the local authority (LA governors).


At a time when the education landscape is changing fast, and the responsibilities placed on governing bodies are increasing, the role of governor is a demanding, but hugely rewarding one. If you're interested in becoming a governor at St Andrew's you can drop a note into the school office or e-mail us at any time on the following email address:


Fr Darren McFarland, Chair of Governors