Meet the Governors

Who we are:

The Governing Body is made up of 15 governors including parents, staff and members of the community.  All governors serve for a term of four years.


What we do:

The Headteacher is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, but the governors are responsible for longer-term management and strategic planning. Governors are responsible for appointing staff, ensuring safe and secure premises, promoting equality and managing the school budget. An important role is that of 'critical friend', to make sure that high standards of teaching and learning are achieved and maintained. 


How to contact us:

Governors are available to speak to you in term during Parent-Teacher consultations.  If you’d like to contact us in writing, you can either drop a note into the school office or e-mail us at any time on the following email address:




Governor Type

Term of Office

Mrs Jude Bennett


(Appointed by the governing body)

1st Sept 2013 ongoing
Fr Darren McFarland

Chair of Governors,

Foundation Governor (Appointed by diocese)

29th Nov 2011 - 28th Nov 2019
Mr Keith Ponsford

Vice Chair of Governors (Shared)

Chair of TLIS sub committee

Co-opted governor (Appointed by the governing body)

1st May 2015 –

30th April 2019

Mr Chris Morris

Vice Chair of Governors (Shared)

Chair of FPP sub committee 

Parent Governor (Elected by parents)

7th July 2015 –

6th July 2019

Ms Gail Gauron

Co-opted governor (Appointed by the governing body)

13th Oct 2016 –

12th Oct 2020

Cllr Roz Smith

Whistleblowing Governor

LA Governor (Appointed by OCC)

10th Dec 2015 –

9th Dec 2019

Dr Teresa Lambe Parent Governor (Elected by parents)

18th May 2016 –

17th May 2020

Ms Mary Wright Staff Governor (Elected by staff)

7th July 2015 –

6th July 2019

Mrs Hinda Aljak Co-opted Governor (Appointed by the governing body)

1st May 2015 –

30th April 2019

Dr Julia Paolitto Co-opted Governor (Appointed by the governing body)

10th Dec 2015 –

9th Dec 2019

Mr Ricardo Carnicer Hijazo

Parent Governor (Elected by Parents)

11th Nov 2016 - 10th Nov 2020

Mr Stephan Hinze

Parent governor (Elected by parents)

11th Nov 2016 - 10th Nov 2020

Mr Bruce Huggett

Foundation Governor (Appointed by diocese)

15th Nov 2016 - 14th Nov 2020

Ms Helen Kidd

Parent Governor (Elected by parents)

11th Nov 2016 - 10th Nov 2020

Lucy Dickinson

Clerk of Governors




Our subcommittees:


Teaching, Learning, Inclusion and Safeguarding (TLIS): 

Keith Ponsford, Gail Gauron, Hinda Aljak, Fr Darren McFarland, Mary Wright, Jude Bennett, Julia Paolitto.


Finance, Premises and Personnel (FPP): 

Keith Ponsford, Cllr Roz Smith, Chris Morris,  Jude Bennett (with school business manager and bursar attending).


Our working groups:


Head Teacher appraisal panel:  Keith Ponsford, Gail Gauron (with external consultant attending).

Safeguarding group:  TBC, Jude Bennett.

Communication group: Chris Morris, Julia Paolitto, Gail Gauron, Jude Bennett.

Ethos group: Fr Darren McFarland, Jude Bennett, (with RE teacher attending).

Our strategic plan:


If you'd like more detail on how we achieve our vision, it's in this document: