Year 6

Year 6 2019 - 2020 Leaving Events

Year 6 - Term 6. Most of Year 6 are back in school, so I will only be posting work once a week for the whole week. Look in the below 'Weekly Work' location.

Welcome back after the Easter holiday! Find your daily Powerpoint by clicking on the icon above ' Daily Reading, Writing and Maths'. Below is a letter about home learning for the next few weeks.

Welcome to Week 2 of home learning.

Well done for completing your first week of home learning. Thank you for keeping in touch with me by email and letting me know how you are getting on. I'm looking forward to see how you independently manage this second week, by following the Powerpoint for each day. Don't forget to listen to a chapter of The Butterfly Lion by Michael Morpurgo  being read by one of the Key Stage 2 teachers every day (see on the Resources for Parents page).

Friday 3rd April - last day of term (and home learning) before the two week Easter holiday!

Thursday 2nd April - home learning. I LOVED hearing your poems yesterday!!

Wednesday 1st April - home learning

Tuesday 31st March - Home learning

Monday 30th March - home learning

Friday 27th March - final day of this week's home learning!

Thursday 26th March - today's home learning - good luck!

Wednesday 25th March - already! You are doing brilliantly - keep up the good work! Thank you for all your emails letting me know how you're getting on.

Welcome to Tuesday!

I'm so impressed by all of you who emailed me with your results and examples of your hard work yesterday. It would be GREAT if everyone would do that, so that we can be in touch and I can find out how you're getting on.‚Äč

If you are accessing the work through OneNote, I have created a new folder called 'Homelearning' and tried to copy the Powerpoint with today's activities into today's date document; however, it is not working. You can type your diary entry and writing entries in this place or email me with your work. 


Tuesday 24th March Year 6 home learning

Good morning Year 6!


You conducted yourselves brilliantly last week during mock SATs and should be proud of the results you have achieved. I hope you have shared them with your parents. What with great play during our hockey festival on Monday, magical items completed in Art, incredible Arabian Nights stories written and fantastic Big Science posters shared at the end of the week, it felt like a full week of great achievements!


Now comes the real challenge: can you put into practice all the independent learning skills you have acquired this year, and get on with this work without bothering your parents (except for asking them to mark it!)? Good luck!


Monday 23rd March - today's work! This can also be found in Office 365 if you want to log in there using your email (

Home schooling (document in the green work book sent home)