Videos that might help parents

Common Issues with Division | Key Stage 1 | How to Use Clever Counting | Ruth Merttens

Help your child to understand division as the inverse of multiplication. Professor Ruth Merttens shows you how to use clever counting to help.

Homeschooling help | What to do if your child says "I hate maths!"

Prof. Ruth Merttens with her top tips on maths learning at home. Approaches and techniques for encouraging your child with their maths learning. - Sharing an...

Key Stage 1 Subtraction Strategies | Counting Back | Counting Up | Ruth Merttens

Professor Ruth Merttens gives strategies for helping Key Stage 1 children approach subtraction. Two different strategies are discussed, each being appropriat...

Homeschooling help | Reading with very young children ( I realise that Yr1's are a little older but this video still has some useful tips)

Prof. Ruth Merttens helps you with tips for developing your child's reading skills. Read with your child and help to develop their higher level and lower lev...