Ufton Court

Some photos from our trip

Uh oh.... it's a little soggy today! It's not stopping us having lots of fun though making bow and arrows and lighting fires! Rumours are that there is a special Saxon Thane (King) visiting us later for our banquet. We're very excited! Hopefully we will upload some pictures later (... internet signal dependent!).

Here are year 4 having lots of fun!

Hello, we are the reporters of year 4. We are having a great time already! There are lots of fun activities here that we have been doing. The cabins are really nice and quiet roomy, we all made our beds.

These are some of the activities we have done:

  1. We started to make a small spark with flint and steal in the way that the Saxons would have. After that we made it with modern flint and steal.
  2. We made our own bracelet from sheep’s wool and to do it we spun the wool.
  3. We learnt about the many artefacts of Anglo Saxon times, such as the here are some of them; hair comb, a box for special items and goblet holder.
  4. Some of us made dinner, from scratch, aka personal perfect pizzas!

By Esme & Zara    Thank You For Reading.