Topic Lessons

Week 6 - Science


Which material would be best for the surface of a pirate ship?  Pirates don't want to slip and slide all over the deck!  


Conduct a test to see which material would be best - you could use carpet, wood, plastic, grass, or any other material you have to hand.


Here is a video showing some children testing materials:



Week 6 - Design a Roald Dahl Board game - here is an example that you could play. Can you think of your own questions?

Afternoon activities: PIRATES!

  1. Have a go at creating a piece of art work, inspired by the art Lizzy showed us. In case you missed it, you can watch her talk about the artwork by using the link below. On Monday afternoon we will update this page with a PPT of the artwork for you to look at again.
  2. Have a go at some of the Roald Dahl colouring in.
  3. Why not try to make an animation, using either a flip book or even a computer programme? Just like the Magic Finger transforms one thing in to another, you could try and show a stick figure person grow wings! 
Previous week's activities, in case you missed them!

Theseus and the Minotaur

A Storytime Special from Teach-it-through-drama. A favourite traditional tale retold by Liz, a friend of Mrs McCraw's. Get your brothers and sisters involved and be ready to join her in telling the story!