Sustainability Week

Rainbow Group - saving the planet!

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Year 1 have been creating their own pictogram to show how many of us walk to school each day! We have explored how to take care of our world and its resources, improved posters to make them more eye catching, and are working hard on our new posters for not wasting electricity -watch out for them around school on Friday!!

Year 1 posters are up around school and the message is clear......!

Year 4 have been focusing on sustainable fashion. First, we mapped where our clothes come from on a word map. Most of our clothes are made in Asia and it takes a lot of fossil fuels to bring them to our shops! Next, we looked into fabric. The most common fabric we found was polyester, which is a type of plastic. Worried for our planet, we investigated solutions. We visited our local charity shops and found out about clothing recycling. Finally, we upcycled our old t-shirts into shopping bags to create a new, useful product from our rubbish.

Year 5 have spent this week looking into whether renewable energy sources or fossil fuels should be used to power our planet. We found out that our school is currently powered by fossil fuels and decided to make a change! We spent the week researching renewable energy solutions that could be used in school and wrote speeches to convince the governors to install solar panels on our school roof. Our speeches were listened to... we're now talking to governors about next steps for our master plan! Watch this space!

Year 6 measured the school to create a scaled diagram, ready for locating diffusion pollution tubes for air pollution research & doing their traffic survey.

Following our traffic survey, air pollution survey, research and visiting speakers, Year 6 worked on speeches to persuade an audience of parents and governors of ways to reduce air pollution around St. Andrew's School. They delivered these speeches in the court room, Town Hall, on Thursday.

End of Sustainability week - Toy Swap