Resources for Parents

Guidance for Home Learning: all year groups

For all children who are home (and well enough), here is what you can do if you are ill (not Covid), waiting for a test or the sibling of a child waiting for a test:


  • Reading  - Read your book for at least 30 minutes. Keep a record of the pages you have read.
  • Spelling - go on to Practise a rule for your year group (if you have a list of spellings for the term, practise one of those rules).
  • Maths - do your Doodle Maths session 
  • Go on to and follow some lessons that would link to your current topic


Once you have a positive Covid test, you will need to collect a homework pack for each child who is at home, isolating for the remainder of the isolation period. 

Back to School Song June 2020

Soon, some of you will be arriving back at school. Lots of things will be different and there will be new school rules that we need to follow to keep everyone safe. Here's a song written and performed by some of the St Andrew's Staff to explain some of the changes.

Time to reflect and/or pray

St Andrew's Fun Fitness Challenges - All Year Groups!

Why not have a go at these fitness challenges to help you to stay active and healthy this term?


Well done Year 5 and 2MW drawing in the lead, with Year 3 and 2BM very closely behind! Excellent work.

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