Parent Forum

The views of our parents/carers are very important to us at St Andrew’s. We seek to communicate effectively and listen to the opinions of parents. Our annual parent questionnaire from the Governors is a wider and formal method of collecting information, but lacks the in depth discussion that a parent forum can offer. We use the forum to discuss areas that we want to improve, develop depth in any areas of concern expressed in the parent questionnaire and to give parents a more informal platform to talk about how the school is working for them.


The forum meets three times a year at the beginning of each term with the Headteacher. The group is formed by invitation via the school letter at the beginning of each school year. Group size needs to stay manageable in order to make discussion possible, once the group is formed it remains in place for the rest of the year.


Agenda and topics are sent a week in advance of the meeting from the Headteacher and brief minutes taken. The agenda will be posted on this site.


If this is a group you would like to be part of then please come and talk to the Headteacher, Jude Bennett