Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage describes the phase of education from birth to the end of the year in which a child turns 5 years old. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum became statutory in September 2008. Children starting in the Reception Class will therefore be in the final year of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


Staff plan the daily experiences so that children have opportunities to learn in different ways:

  • adult-focussed sessions for the whole group or small groups, in which the adult has a particular focus to share with the children;
  • adult – initiated, in which the adult selects resources, supporting the children to play and develop these in their own way;
  • child initiated, in which the child plans their own play and resources.




The Early Years Foundation Stage focuses on the the following seven areas fo learning :


  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communciation and language
  • Physical development
  • Mathematics
  • Literacy
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive arts and design


Children come to St Andrew’s from a wide range of maintained and private pre-school settings. Their new teacher will make sure each child’s activities in school are an appropriate next step from their pre-school experience.