Festival of the Arts 2017

Rainbow Group knew that clay could be made into pots. Vicky Hirsch visited us and helped us use clay to make masks. It was hard work, but great fun!

In Rainbow Group, Carla told us about her cello. She played " The Swan" from Carnival of the Animals. We listened to Aquarium too, and did a dance, taking turns to be fishes and weeds!

Rainbow Group have been looking at Mrs Arnold's favourite pottery. We learned about Aunty Jean , who was a paintress at Poole Pottery in the olden days. We choose a piece of white pottery and decorated it ourselves.

Here are some of the pictures Mrs Arnold showed us about Poole Pottery.

Year 3 had a fantastic day today! Vicky came in and taught the children how to make / grind Stone Age pigments which they then used to paint with! Do join us on Friday to see the amazing results in our Stone Age display!

It's Monday and Year 3 have explored how to make their own Stone Age paint brush with a feather! We have used these to have a go at some stone age painting ready for our Stone Age 'pigments' workshop tomorrow.

Year 5- Oxford photography adventure! On Thursday year 5 visited Modern Art Oxford to see 'Portraits from a chip shop' We then took street photography all around town.

Year 5 Pinhole Cameras- Camera Obscura. They are made of Pringle cans. More like Pringle Cameras!

Year 5 Creating Cyanotypes.

The other half of Year 2 enjoy the second printing workshop with Vicky. These beautiful fabric prints would make a great set of curtains...

Learning about colour and colour mixing in preparation for some more artwork inspired by John Piper in Year 2!

Half of the Year 2 class enjoyed our first printing workshop with local artist and art teacher, Vicky Hirsch. Taking inspiration from John Piper's love of painting old buildings and his various fabric prints, this group designed their own collograph printing tiles with the shape and features of traditional building before inking them to print our own fabric wall hanging. Just look at the detail in the final prints!

Year 2 had an exciting start to the Festival of the Arts with a trip to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley to explore the works of British artist, John Piper. It was a roasting hot day and coach journey, but the children threw themselves into the first activity; screen printing a foliate man. After a visit to the gallery to see the impressive collection of John Piper art, we enjoyed a picnic lunch on the riverbank in the shade of a tree. We finished the day by using different shaped lines to represent the riverside view using oil pastels, before painting these with a watercolour wash. What a jam-packed day we had!

Year 6 Bristol trip to see Banksy and other Street Art. Year 6 are having great fun exploring what art is, how different people view graffiti, creating their own 'tags' and having a go at Banksy style stencil graffiti!

Year 1 spent the day the the River and Rowing Museum. We looked at seaside art by John Piper and then took part in two workshops that were inspired by his work.

Year 3 have also created an 'Arts Weeks' sign using our thumb prints to decorate it - see if you can spot it around school!

Yes! Year 3 have begun their pottery project this afternoon. Following their study of stone age pots they have created their own clay pots with repeating designs similar to those they saw in the Ashmolean. Some children have even tried to create the 'Beaker' shape that we saw! Watch this space to see the next exciting instalment of their pottery project...

It's Tuesday and Year 3 have had a fantatstic visit to the Ashmolean where we explored pre-history artefacts through a range of activities. We then looked carefully at the Stone Age pottery -drawing the shapes and patterns they used...

We kicked off the Festival of Arts Weeks in Year 3 with an exploration of some beautiful Clarice Cliff pottery! They then adopted her bold colours to create stylised landscapes or repeating geometric shape patterns for their own painted designs!! Aren't they fantatstic!

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