Daily Reading, Writing and Maths


There is a choice of silver and gold (harder) or bronze (easier) to choose from. All the tasks for all the week are in each slide show. The plan for each day is as follows:-


  1. Do Fluent in Five (minutes) first.  Fluent in 5 is a 5 minute starter which aims to keep arithmetic methods sharp. The 'bronze' Qs are from the beginning of Y2, the others are from the beginning of Y3. Try both if you are not sure which your child can manage. They should be able to manage them easily within 5 mins. 
  2. Children can have a go at Reasoning Questions. This week these are end-of-KS1 questions.
  3. Finally, do the 'main course'. This can be accessed in full below, if you prefer to print out.
  4. There is an optional extra each day for children who would like a further challenge. This can also be printed out below. 

Useful resources: