Book Reviews

Are you looking for your next book to read?  Can't quite decide what's right for you? Let us help!  Read these book reviews to help you find the perfect summer read.


Title: Sky Hawk

Author: Gill Lewis

Illustrator: David Wyatt

Reviewed by: Rachel Goodrich-Jones



In the wild mountains and lochs of Scotland is a creature, a creature that hasn’t been sighted in that part for over 100 years…  Callum and Iona are two very different people; until one day Iona shows Callum a deep secret hidden amongst the trees and rippling blue lochs.  They swear to each other never to reveal it to anyone else.  As they fight to keep it safe their future, and other people’s, is turned upside down.


  • Iona is a tough girl who runs wild through forests and snow-capped mountains.
  • Callum lives on a farm in a little village.  He enjoys cycling through the countryside with his mates.
  • Evan is a friend of Callum’s who claims to be the world champion at fly-fishing.
  • Rob is another boy who’s friends with Callum. He loves doing daring, dangerous stunts on his bike, and being cheeky.


I liked this book because it has beautiful descriptions in it and different emotions in different stages of the book.

I would recommend this book to people who like nature and books with characters who try to save things.



Title of Book: Lillyput

Author: Sam Gayton

Reviewed by: Keren Gerald


This book was about a girl called Lilly who lives in a tiny city called Lillyput.  One day she gets kidnapped by a giant called Gulliver.  He puts her in a cage.  Lilly tries to escape to get back to Lillyput.

My favourite character in the book was Finn.  He was very kind and caring and would do anything to get Lilly back to Lillyput even though he wanted her to stay.

I liked this book because it was really heart-warming and sad at the end.

I would recommend this book to people who love adventure and excitement.