Year 6

A very exciting second-to-last day for everyone!  We were off and out for our activities first thing - caving, canoeing, climbing.  The canoeists headed straight out to the river, and came home full of stories of sliding down rapids on their backs!  Cavers left the centre feeling nervous, but returned proud of themselves for squeezing through some tight spaces!  Up on the high wires, fears were being conquered and team work was put to the test.  The evening has been spent packing and burning off energy in a giant game of capture the flag.  Tomorrow is our last day, so we'll be up early, sorting out lost property and evacuating our rooms before we leave for our activities.  We'll leave the site at 3 pm, and expect to be back in Oxford around 6.15 pm.  Expect some tired but proud children with plenty of stories to share!

Woodlands Day 4

Woodlands Day 4 1
Woodlands Day 4 2
Woodlands Day 4 3
Woodlands Day 4 4
Woodlands Day 4 5
Woodlands Day 4 6
Woodlands Day 4 7
Woodlands Day 4 8
Woodlands Day 4 9
Woodlands Day 4 10
Woodlands Day 4 11
Woodlands Day 4 12
Woodlands Day 4 13
Woodlands Day 4 14
Woodlands Day 4 15
Day three, and there was quite a bit of nervousness this morning, with caving and canoeing ahead of us.  Unfortunately one group had been a bit sick in the night, but they had a chilled-out day doing high-ropes on-site to look forward to.  (Please don't worry - the parents of sick children have been informed.)  The groups have all made excellent progress in teamwork, and are now focusing on applying their leadership skills with fewer prompts from the instructors.  Every child has achieved something to be proud of already, whether overcoming a fear of heights, being brave in the face of home-sickness, or leading their group successfully through boggy marshes!

Woodlands Day 3

Woodlands Day 3 1
Woodlands Day 3 2
Woodlands Day 3 3
Woodlands Day 3 4
Woodlands Day 3 5
Woodlands Day 3 6
Woodlands Day 3 7
Woodlands Day 3 8
Woodlands Day 3 9
Everyone woke up cheery and rested on Tuesday.  Great excitement followed as we got ourselves ready for our first off-site activities - getting waterproofs, climbing gear and canoes loaded onto vans.  The weather was cloudy, but somehow Miss Wright managed to catch the sun anyway!  Soon we were all back, with plenty of tales to tell.  The evening activity was photo orienteering, which saw the children tearing around the grounds for over an hour.  I would like to say all that exercise had the happy side-effect of tiring the children out for bedtime, but many children still found the energy to chat and giggle til late! 

Woodlands Day 2

Woodlands Day 2 1
Woodlands Day 2 2
Woodlands Day 2 3
Woodlands Day 2 4
Woodlands Day 2 5
Woodlands Day 2 6
We arrived safe and sound (and without incident!) around about one o clock, very excited to find out our dorm groups!  We soon settled, and were sorted into our activity groups.  After a bite to eat, all the groups headed off to explore the grounds and embark upon some team-building challenges.  All groups have made real progress already, but there is still room for developing our communication skills further :) After a delicious dinner of fish and chips (and plenty of peas), we headed off for a night hike up a hill (not a mountain - that's tomorrow for some).  Despite much grumbling about the thistles and sheep poo, many children still jumped at the chance to roll down the hill on the way back home!  Bedtime was set for 10, and by half past most children were doing a convincing impression of sleep, although others were a little less convincing!  We'll be up at 7 tomorrow (hopefully well-rested!) and we're all very excited for our first full day of activities.

Woodlands - First Day

Woodlands - First Day 1
Woodlands - First Day 2
Woodlands - First Day 3
Woodlands - First Day 4
Woodlands - First Day 5
Woodlands - First Day 6
Woodlands - First Day 7
Woodlands - First Day 8
Woodlands - First Day 9
Woodlands - First Day 10
Woodlands - First Day 11
Woodlands - First Day 12

Year 6 Term 6 Class Letter and Topic Web 2017

Year 6 Class Letter and Topic Web Term 5 2017

Well done to the Year 6 boys who played so well today!  |Follow the link for a picture :)

Year 6 Maths Methods

Year 6 Term 4 Class Letter and Topic Web 2017

Year 6 Term 3 Class Letter and Topic Web 2017

Year 6 2016 - 2017

Year 6 Topic Web T2

Year 6 Topic Web T2 1

Oxford Lieder Project

Festival of Light presentations

Year 6 Term 1 Letter and Topic Web

Welcome to Year 6!


As the year goes on, this page will fill up with pictures of all the exciting things Year 6 do, links to websites which will support children's learning at home and any bits of information (letters etc.) you may need.  

We have kept some photos of last year's 6 to inspire!

Year 6s teaching Year 5s about the referendum

In class we have been learning about the EU and the upcoming referendum.  It's a complicated issue, and we have a lot of questions.  Here are some asked by Year 6 today.  

Our questions about the referendum

Strictly 2016

Miss Wright, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Gray as The Three Little Pigs

Miss Wright, Mrs Edwards and Mrs Gray as The Three Little Pigs 1