Year 5

Chick update

Chick update 1
Chick update 2

Year 5 Term 5 Class Letter and Topic Web 2017

Put the lights out!

A song to learn from Johnny and the Bomb

Mrs Tachyon

The second song in our play. Have a go at learning it!

Home Guard

One for the soldiers (and captain, PC, sergeant and major!) to learn - the rest of us will do the backing :)


Tia's solo

When I close my eyes

Josiah's solo

Change the story

One for all of us to learn - we'll be singing this for our SING UP assembly BEFORE the play ... so start with this one ;)

Walk down a street I know

Our grand finale song!

Year 5 Maths Methods

Year 5 Topic Web Term 2

Year 5 Topic Web Term 2 1

Year 5 Topic Web and Class Letter: Autumn 1

ORIGAMI STAR! Do you want to have another go? Here are the instructions for the origami star. Tell me if you succeed!

Homework links (mixture of all areas of Maths) (linking decimals, fractions & percentages) (countdown game - using all four operations to make a number) (Roman numerals) (3D shapes) (shapes)