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Year 2 Term 2 Topic Web 2018

Year 2 Term 1 Class Letter and Topic Web 2018

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A visit from the firemen! 28th Nov 2017

Homework Due Tuesday 14th November

Year 2 Festival of Prayer Presentations

Homework due the 3rd October 2017

Homework due 26th September 2017

Please note - I have not stuck Education City passwords into the homework folders, so the children do not need to do the Education City homework.

Year 2 Term 6 Class Letter and Topic Web 2017

Year 2 Class Letter and Topic Web Term 5 2017

Our mission in 2016-17

Our mission in 2016-17 1

Fun during World Book Day. Just look at our incredible costumes!

We learnt a lot about how farmers from around the world benefit from Fairtrade during Fairtrade Fortnight. How much of the price of a £1 bar of chocolate do you think that each of the stakeholders get?

Year 2 Term 4 Class Letter and Topic Web 2017

Year 2 Maths Methods

Year 2 Inuit workshop at the Pitt Rivers museum January 2017

Year 2 visit Sheldonian Theatre and lunch at Wadham college - January 2017

Year 2 Class Letter and Topic Web Term 3 2017

Year 2 Have Talent 2017: What an incredible display of talent at our Christmas talent show.

Year 2 are finding out about religious symbols.  Father Darren kindly showed us how he dresses for different services during the year.  We didn't realise that he had such a large collection of different coloured chasubles!

RE Church visit - December 2016

Prayer Spaces 2016 - We really enjoyed exploring the stories of The Prodigal Son and The Good Samaritan with visitors from many of the local churches.

Year 2 Term 2 Class Letter and Topic Web 2016

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Some simple and fun card and dice games to practise those basic maths skills that you need to know standing on your head and wiggling your toes!
Some fun games for practising your number bonds to 10 and beyond!
There will be a parents meeting in September so that we can meet and discuss the year ahead.  However, if you would like to find out more about the objectives and expectations for children in Year 2, follow the link below.

Keep reading!  Spend some time everyday sharing books with your child, and try to encourage them to read to you for at least 10 minutes.  There is a great selection of early and young reader books at the Headington and Central libraries.  Why not sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge at your local library.  Follow the link below for more information. 

Keep a diary.  Encourage writing with a special book and pens to keep a simple record of the holidays.  Illustrate with drawings, ticket stubs and any other record of the holiday excitement.