Sunflower Class

Sunflower Explorers enjoyed adventures at Shotover Today! -no pics of the games sadly :-(

We have voted to use some of our class cake money to help refugees :-)

Our Butterflies are free! (They certainly grow up quickly!!)

Health Week begins! We learnt lots of things about keeping healthy and what doctors do during our visit from Ben's Mum :-)

Week Ending 6.7.18 and information for week beginning 9th July

More awesome tree faces! We practised lots of pulling and shaping skills and tried to give the faces a tree texture too.

We are creating our own Tree Faces! These can be pushed into the surface of tree to lovely affect - but we have decided to keep ours!

Our Creepy Crawly Castle is taking shape! Hoping we have residents soon! :-)

Our Creepy Crawly Castle is taking shape! Hoping we have residents soon! :-)  1

Our Snail is named Flash! (snailypoo) :-) And he is a certainly not very still!

Sunflowers and Rainbows together again! :-)

Harvesting our potatoes! Boiled, oiled and covered in school grown chives! - Yummy!!

Newest member of Sunflowers settles in! Our giant African Snail gets lots of admirers and name suggestions :-)

Sunflowers Class Letter, Topic Web and Transition Arrangements Term 6 2018

Share a pencil day! Children share a pencil, remembering those who cannot go to school, have limited equipment when they do... and that we are very lucky!

A few pics of cooking Jack's tasty Bean patties!

Sunflowers Class Letter and Topic Web Term 5 2018

What have we been doing in Sunflowers this week?

World Book Day 2018: Do you recognise any of your favourite book characters? The Sunflowers loved dressing up for World Book Day and were very brave standing up in front of the whole school in assembly to talk about their costumes!

Transition to Year 1 from Reception

Sunflowers Classletter and Topic Web Term 4 2018

Spring Term 2 Topic Web - Once Upon a Time

Spring Term 2 Topic Web - Once Upon a Time 1

Big Science 2018: The Sunflowers enjoyed investigating how to make a 'mouse' fly like a rocket into the air. We decided to use milk bottles and investigated the efficiency of different-sized bottles, measuring how high the mice flew. The children produced some brilliant writing about the experiment and some of the Sunflowers and Rainbows were able to present their posters about it to groups of children from around the school on Big Science Day. We even showed some video clips filmed by the children of the mice launches!

Space Day - Thursday 8th February. Playing 'Stuck in the Moon' and enjoying Mars and Moon space snacks. Just look at our awesome space costumes!

Sunflowers Class Letter and Other Useful Information

Our first set of sight words to practise at home.

Our first set of sight words to practise at home. 1

Blast Off Topic Web for the Spring 1 term

Blast Off Topic Web for the Spring 1 term 1
Picture 1
Follow the link below to see photos of our morning learning about the brain with neuroscientists from the Univsersity of Oxford.

Sunflowers and Rainbows enjoyed joining the rest of the school in the hall for the annual Magdalen College School concert party! We listened to lots of different instruments, and joined in with singing and dancing. Follow the links below the photos to listen to some of the music that we heard again.

Sunflowers enjoy working together!

Sunflowers are writers!

Sunflowers love stories!

The Sunflowers really enjoyed our second Nature Detectives walk to Bury Knowle Park. We spotted lots of long-tailed tit nests in the trees on our walk through the park and listened to their bird call. Mrs Faye showed us a blackbird's nest from her garden and we carefully observed how it was made. Then, we had a go at making our own nests from all of the natural materials on the ground. Some of us even tested them out!

Our first Nature Detectives walk to Bury Knowle Park - Exploring the space and autumnal changes. It is tricky to take photos when you are hiding conkers like squirrels!

Our first few weeks in Sunflower class; Making new friends and exploring our classroom.

Myself - Topic Web for Autumn 1

Myself - Topic Web for Autumn 1 1

Sunflower Class Letter September 2017

Sunflower Group September 2017