School Choir

The St Andrew's School Choir is open to all children in KS2 (Years 3-6).  Rehearsals take place on Thursday lunchtimes in the school hall.  The choir is led by Mrs Faye and Louise Graham.  We have lots of opportunities to perform this year, so come along and get singing!

Festival of Voices 2019

Zip a dee doo dah

02 Track 2.mp3

Who will buy?

03 Track 3.mp3

Everything's blue

04 Track 4.mp3


05 Track 5.mp3

Blue brother Jake

06 Track 6.mp3

Many shades of blue

07 Track 7.mp3

Many shades of blue with descant

08 Track 8.mp3

Blue skies

09 Track 9.mp3

Mr Blue Sky

10 Track 10.mp3

Summertime blues

11 Track 11.mp3

Paddy works on the railway

12 Track 12.mp3

The fair hills

13 Track 13.mp3

The fair hills with descant

14 Track 14.mp3

Maua Mazuri

15 Track 15.mp3

I'm gonna sing (indiv songs)

16 Track 16.mp3

I'm gonna sing

17 Track 17.mp3

A million dreams

18 Track 18.mp3


19 Track 19.mp3

World in Union

20 Track 20.mp3

Who will buy (Pno only)

21 Track 21.mp3

Many shades of blue (Pno only)

22 Track 22.mp3

23 Track 23.mp3

Mr Blue Sky (Pno with low vocals)

24 Track 24.mp3

The fair hills (Pno only)

25 Track 25.mp3

A Million Dreams (Pno only)

26 Track 26.mp3

Believe (Pno only)

27 Track 27.mp3

World in Union (Pno only)