Literary Festival '16

The Gruffalo- John took some quiet mice through the deep dark wood and they met a Gruffalo!

'Poetry Slam'


Children at St Andrew's School performed lots of poems to entertain us today.  Children from Year 3 to Year 6 took part reciting poems that they had learned.  Unfortunately we ran out of time for Years 1 and 2 but we are looking forward to our turn tomorrow.  Well done to everyone who took part , it was fun!


Year 1

Poetry Slam

C.S Lewis Trail: 


Last Friday, Year 3 visited Magdalen College in order to find out more about the author C.S Lewis. Before Christmas, we looked closly at The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, which is a famous children's book. We were really looking forward to the trip becasue C.S Lewis was a professor at Oxford University and taught Medieval Literature. 


When we arrived at Magdalen College, we split up into groups and ventured into the deer park. The route we took was called 'Addison's walk'. On our walk we went past some fallow deer, which were walking around the meadow. As we went past the college we noticed that there were all kinds of doorways and archways around the buildings. We imagined what it would be like to be C.S Lewis walking around Magdalen College, and coming up with ideas for his stories. 


By Bhu, Salma and Marko 

A trip to see Elen Caldecott


Year 6 and Year 4 went to Pegasus School to hear Elen Caldecott, author of the Marsh Road Mysteries, talk about her books and how she writes them.  The books she writes take between six months to a year to write and are often influenced by real-life experiences and photographs she finds in magazines.


To get ideas for books, she first decides the type of ending: happy, cliff-hanger or sad. Then she decides the setting, usually based on real or normal places (such as Marsh Road, based on a normal street). After that, she looks at the photographs she took from magazines to decide on characters. Mrs. Caldecott thinks that a character is more interesting if they desire something, so she decides what they desire before she creates the plot.


After getting the idea for a book, she does something that doesn’t look like work: daydreaming. This helps her to add details and develop the plot. In the example story we created, she told us to daydream about the main character’s house.


Finally, she is able to write the story. This takes about 2 months. The rest of the time is taken by editing - correcting- her book.


This was an interesting and inspirational trip. Year 6 found it compelling to listen to an author.


By Orla and Edith

Bedtime stories at St. Andrew's (with hot chocolate and biscuits)

5BM create AWESOME pictures with Neil Cameron of The Phoenix

Y6 create comics with Neil Cameron, Pheonix illustrator


On the 24th of February, Year Five visited the Story Museum for a Wonderwalk around the centre of Oxford. We departed from school at 12pm on the coach and arrived at the story museum at 12:30, where we were split into two groups, each lead by an experienced guide, Sophie and Remco. Then we started on the walk around Oxford to find out where different authors got their inspiration and wrote their books.

Our first stop was Pembroke College where we learnt about Tolkien. Tolkien was a professor at this college and taught Anglo-Saxon. He was very interested in ancient runes and even made up his own language! He fought as a soldier in the First World War, which influenced his books, as he included a lot of battles in his two most famous books, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. His inspiration for his first sentence of The Hobbit was when he was marking exams. A student gave him a completely blank exam sheet, and as he was pondering this, he began doodling on a bit of paper. When he looked down, there was the first sentence on the paper. ‘In a hole, in the ground, there lived a hobbit.’ Tolkien was also part of the Inklings, which was a writing group that gathered once a week at a pub called ‘The Eagle and the Child’, though they would have called it ‘The Bird and the Baby’. The Inklings gathered to talk about their books and give feedback to each other.

The next stop was Christ Church cathedral where Charles Dutchson, better known as Lewis Carol, first told Alice in Wonderland while in a rowing boat on the river. Lewis Carol was a mathematician and loved photography. He got his inspiration for Alice from a girl named Alice that he knew. Then we played a version of flamingo croquet with children dressed up as playing cards, flamingos and hedgehogs! Because in Alice in Wonderland the playing cards are the hoops, and cheat by making the Queen of hearts win by moving around, so that she won’t get angry, that is what we did, so the playing cards were trying to not get the hedgehog through their hoop.


Then we went to the Radcliffe camera, the very place that C.S.Lewis got his inspiration from for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. C.S.Lewis created Narnia to be ever winter and never Christmas because in 1947, it was the coldest and the most extreme winter recorded in the many decades of the 20th century. He liked knights and chivalry and talking animals. He was also part of the Inklings. When he was coming out of church he saw a door that looked like a  wardrobe and it had the mythical creatures of fawns and around the corner there is a lamppost which is how when Lucy went through to Narnia she sees a lamppost.            


We all had our favourite part of the trip whether playing the game, acting, the story museum or counting dragons. "The best bit on the walk was when we went to Christchurch and played a version of ‘flamingo croquet’ from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, where people had to dress up as playing cards and we tried to get a hedgehog through them." We also enjoyed looking around at the exhibition in the Story Museum at the end of our tour.

5HDs Wonderwalk around Oxford

5BM's Wonderwalk - a walk around Oxford, hearing about authors: Tolkein, CS Lewis and Lewis Carroll. Led by the Story Museum

Day 2 St Andrew's Literary Festival - Author and Illustrator David Melling visits.

David Melling draws a dragon

Still image for this video

Hi everyone


What another super day in St Andrew's Literary Festival.  We were really lucky to be visited by the children's author and illustrator David Melling today. He did workshops with Rainbow Group, Y1, Y2 and Y3. Everyone had a super time and learnt lots of super ways of how to do their own illustrations and drawings. He even showed us how to draw a giant picture of a dragon in only two minutes


He also did a whole school assembly where we asked him lots of different questions about his books and where he got his ideas for them from.  Mrs Faye asked David lots of different questions and we learnt lots about his life as an author and illustrator.


Rainbow Group and Y1 can be seen performing the hugging caterpillar in the pictures, this was similar to a book called 'Hugless Douglass' that David has written.


Our first week back from half term was our schools 1st literary festival and all of the teachers dressed up as grannies.If your wondering why, we were learning about little red riding hood. First we had an assembly where we saw a video emailed to every teacher which contained a wolf coming out of our head teacher's office saying that he had tied up our head teacher and if we don't all learn a copy of little red riding hood then he would eat our head teacher at the end of the day. We all used story mapping to learn the stories and then we got a visit from the Big Bad Wolf... who turned out to be our Head Teacher after all! 

Benji, Averil and Jamie. 5BM

Literary Festival Day One Fun!

My Movie

St Andrew's Literary Festival

David Melling chats about Hugless Douglas

Hugless Douglas: the big bear with the big heart! David Melling will be coming to St Andrews on Wednesday 24th February

David Melling reading from Hello, Hugless Douglas

This is "David Melling reading from Hello, Hugless Douglas" by rluk on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Elen Caldecott introduces her new book, The Mystery of Wickworth Manor

Children in years 4 and 6 will be hearing Elen Caldecott speak on Friday 26th February, at Pegasus Academy.