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St Andrew's has played a major part in all of +my families lives. From a rather small infant school (feeding the then named Bayswater Middle School in Barton)to the now flourishing Primary school it is. Not only did both my twin brother and I attend the school as children, but so did my two sisters and my Mother and Father. It seems rather strange now that I have come all the way back to my roots as the Deputy Head at the age of 49 to the school I attended 43 years earlier, but I love it.


Jason Clarke 

 I attended St Andrew's from 1952-58. I must say things have certainly moved along in fine fashion since the 50's. You have done a terrific job with the site, something everyone involved can be extremely proud of and thrilled with.


Richard Y Bolton

Hi Everyone,

I went to St Andrew's primary school in 1998 and I miss it so! Clare Morgan

Hi Everyone :)

I attended St Andrew's in 2008. The teaching was great and it was good to be there. I miss the school so much. Araadhna Sinha

Hi everyone. I used to go to St Andrew's primary school in July 2008. All the teachers were fantastic. I miss them all so much. Alisha Dayanandan

Hi everyone thanks for the card. I miss you so much - Varun Sinha



I used to study here in 1975 and made many friends. My class teacher was Mr Walker and Master was Mr Heath. Pity I can't seem to locate any of them. Your website is great. Very informative. - Dr Syed Mohd Adeeb


Hi. I left St Andrew's in July 2008. It's a lovely school and I miss you Mrs Newton, even the other teachers too! Eberyone helped me in lessons and going to bigger school is not too scarey. - Stephen Nichols


Hi. I went to St Andrew's until 2008. I left to move up to Cheney. i miss all of the teachers there and it is a fantastic school.  I miss it so much. - Alice Krige


Hi. I used to be at St Andrew's School. I left and moved to Wheatley Park School. I loved being at St Andrew's School as it was the best!! Everyone who goes to St Andrew's School you are very lucky. I miss all of the teachers. - Divya Dayanandan


I visited St Andrew's for 6 weeks and it is the best school I have ever been to. All the teachers are really nice and caring and it's like your at your normal school :) - Mollie Agutter



Hi everyone - I went to St Andrew's primary school in 1998 and I miss it so!  - John Francisco

Reta Stewart
Dear St Andrews 
What a great website! I have especially enjoyed looking at all your wonderful photographs and listening to "The Enormous Turnip" by Class1. You seem to do so many exciting things! Well done to all those inspirational teachers and talented pupils! 
From Erin, Jacob and Elsie's Nana 

Sebnem Findik
I was a student at St. Andrews at 1970-1972. Any alums out there? I probably was the only Turkish student at St. Andrews at that time. Any one? 

Sebnem Findik 
Hello everyone, I attended school at St. Andrews 1971-1972. I was the only Turkish student in the school. So if any alums are reading this message they will know me. I remember those days with great memories. What a great website, what a great school. Sebnem Findik


Ashleigh Vendome
Hiya everyone. I went to St Andrews Primary School from reception untill year 4 but unfortunatly I had to move as we moved house, I left in 2004. I am now in year 9 and St Andrews was a great school.

Chris N
I just wanted to thank all of the children and teachers who went on the Dorchester trip for making Xara feel special on her birthday! Many thanks for the yummy cake!

Felicity Wood
A very big thank you to the members of the Gamelan Club who came to play at the Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum's Christmas party last Friday. It was wonderful music and a great start to our evening. We hope you enjoyed playing in the Museum.

Hi it's Emma Slater here! I went to school here 3 years ago and loved it! Thank you St Andrews you're the best! Love Emma!!

Petra Bachrati
Hi i used to go to St Andrews and i left to go to secondary school in July 2010, I ended up going to a grammar school. I miss you all!!!! 
Thank you for all those great years.

Shane Glenn
Ohai people, it's been 4 years since I left St Andrew's, and I now go to Cherwell School. Anyone who goes here are the luckiest people ever. The amazing things they do are awesome, and it's great overall. If anyone who I know reads this for some reason, then hello. Anyways, have fun at St Andrews! 

Araadhna Sinha
Hi everyone!!! It's me again- araadhna. I just want to say that now I am in secondary school, I miss St Andrews even more! I also miss my friends and I wish them well in their new school. Love, Araadhna 

Hi everyone again its me Alisha i miss all my friends at st Andrews the best school in the world


Divya Dayanandan
hello everyone - i used to go to St Andrew's School along time ago and since then i have moved to Surrey. i am nicely settled in my new school and i hope all of the teachers are doing well.

hello everyone I am here again -alisha I can't stop telling everyone how much a good school this is... BEST SCHOOL EVER :) 

Hi its Petra, I just wanted to emphasise how good a school this is; my brother goes to quarry (reception) and he loves it. I miss all my class mates and all the teachers!! 

best scool 

Soraki Hirano
hello - we are in Japan and you might be worried that we are affected but the thing is that nothing has happened big or even small


this school was a great school and I will never forget how much of a good school this was!!! 
Recommend this school to anyone. :)

Nayana P
hey i used to go to this school and i left in year 4 because moved house so i miss all my friends and now i am in year 8 and i just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers and friends luv u xxx 

Sally Otter
I have very fond memories of being at St.Andrews along side my twin sister and brother,

i just finished school yesterday - i miss my friends but st.andrews was a brilliant school i loved it and you should enjoy iy while you can.

Tuoyo Fabiyi
hi i used to go to st andrews until 2005 year 5 these were the best years of my lives also shared some with Petra and and it also prepared me a lot for my next few years 

I went to St Andrews untill I left in keystage 1. I am now in highschool. I will always remember St Andrews.


Vanessa Mackenzie-Orr 
All three of my children have been to St Andrew's and I still work there! An absolutely brilliant start in any child's academic life. They all have great learning and sporting memories. Thank you

Once again I will recommend this school as I went there for a long period of time and then left in year 4, but really enjoyed it. And also I would like to say bye to Mrs Baker or her retirement.

Juan Motsi
WOW, just to think i was in year 6 some months ago but i have been realizing that St, Andrews has to be the best school. But i can say to everyone in primary that: Remember this school for the rest of your life and respect the teachers and enjoy the school while you have your last years

Stephen Nichols
Hi,I had the best time at St Andrews, left in 2008 to go to Cheney, which is a great school too .I leave school on the 24th May, which will feel strange. I would like to wish Mrs Baker all the best and hope that she will enjoy her retirement.


Halyna Liber
My 2 daughters, Nadia and Sara Salloum, attended St Andrew's in 2000 and then again in 2002 - 2004. They were made to feel very welcome especially by Mrs Baker. They have very fond memories of their time there. By the way, Nadia will be going to Edinburgh University to study medicine next year. Hope you have a wonderful retirement Mrs Baker (I can't imagine you taking things easy). Thank you for all you did for us. You are amazing.

Jane Salisbury
Chloe, Amy and Nicholas attended St Andrews School with you Sue as headmistress. Thank you for laying down the foundation stones resulting in them becoming three well rounded academic individuals. Enjoy your well earned retirement.

Frederikke Rosendal
Dear All Our kids Aksel, Carla and Olivia attended St Andrews in 2010-2011. They had an amazing year with lots of new friends and academic challenges! We will be visiting Oxford mid-February this year - and the children would love to visit their classmates for a day or two if possible - now year 3 and 6! Love, Fred