Fairtrade Status

St Andrew's was awarded Fairtrade status by the Fairtrade Foundation in the Summer of 2013.  We are very proud to be the first primary school in the City of Oxford to achieve this award.


To achieve Fairtrade status, the school needed to show that teaching and learning about Fairtrade were included across the curriculum, and that we are also working to promote Fairtrade at events in school and throughout the wider community.  


Throughout the year, children explore issues of Fairtrade linked to their topic, for example Year 3 debating whether to use Fairtrade chocolate in their handmade chocolate bars, or Year 5 playing a version of 'The Chocolate Game' where children become the producers and have to battle against unfair access to resources, subsidies and unfair world trade economics!


SASA have worked really hard to ensure that Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar are always on the menu at school events, as well as a selection of Fairtrade juices and wines when the bar is open!


Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight takes place at the end of February every year and provides an ideal opportunity for the children to learn and explore the meaning of Fairtrade and how they can get involved.  Indeed, for the past two years, our Year 6 class have planned and taught lessons on Fairtrade to the rest of the school.  Class competitions for the most unusual Fairtrade product or snack, and whole school 'bake off' competitions are greatly supported.  Here are some of the photos of the entrants and their delicious entries from last year.


Taking the Fairtrade message into the wider community

The school have forged strong links with the Co-op and Waitrose, both strong supporters of Fairtrade, and children produce posters for in-store displays linked to the focus of Fairtrade Fortnight.  Can you guess what the focus was last year? 

Fairtrade Fortnight 2015

23 February - 6th March

We already have lots of activities planned for this year's Fairtrade Fortnight, which will kick off in the first week of Term 4.  These include:

  • Lessons for all year groups to be planned and taught by Year 6.
  • Whole school assemblies about Fairtrade, with an awe-inspiring guest speaker during one of these.
  • A Fairtrade song.
  • The annual Fairtrade Bake Off - There will be prizes for the best looking and tastiest cakes, as well as the one that uses the greatest number of Fairtrade ingredients.  Entries need to be brought into school for judging on Thursday 5th March.  There will be a prize-giving followed by a cafe at the end of the day in the school hall for everyone to join in.
  • The Fairtrade snack challenge!  Children are encouraged to bring a healthy Fairtrade snack into school during Fairtrade Fortnight.  We will see which class manages to bring in the most.
  • Trips to the Windmill shop in Headington to discover where some Fairtrade products come from.
  • Poster displays at the Co-op and Waitrose.


Please get involved to help this to be our most successful Fairtrade Fortnight ever!