Election 2015

Friday 17th April is election day at St Andrew's!


This week, Years 2, 3 and 4 have been working on a joint mini-project about the General Election 2015.  During the week, the children have learnt basic information about the UK political system, the process of electing a new government and the role of the parliament as challenger.  They have had the chance to discuss leadership, and what makes a good and bad leader.  They have also explored the importance of forming and sharing opinions, as well as respecting the opinions of others.  Today, the children squashed into the Year 4 classroom to participate in a Skype video conference with a political candidate standing for election in Dulwich and enjoyed asking lots of questions about life as a politician and election campaigning (without getting into any detail about actual party politics!)


In order to bring the election process to life, the children have formed mixed-class political parties each campaigning on four issues that they have chosen themselves.  These include a pledge for the school, the local community and the world.  The winning party pledges will inform the work of the School Council.  As well as a manifesto, the children have selected party leaders and party names, logos and slogans.  You will find a selection of party information leaflets created by the Year 2 class outside of their classroom.  You may also spot the brightly coloured campaign posters created by Year 3 around the school.  


Tomorrow, there will be a political hustings for the whole school in the hall.  Each party will have an opportunity to show their party political broadcast, written and directed by Year 4JC.  Party leaders will also give a speech prepared by Year 4MW and answer questions from their peers and teachers.  You can see a copy of the party broadcasts and read a transcript of the speeches below, which clearly highlight the pledges made in each party manifesto.


Parents of Y2, 3 and 4 children who want to vote on Friday!  

It has been an extremely busy week and unfortunately, we were not able to get ballot papers to you by the end of the day today.  Therefore, if you cannot get into school, please send your vote in on a piece of paper and it will be counted.  (Not quite as things work in the real world, but it will have to do!)



We hope that this is just a very small beginning to inspiring a future generation of politically active citizens!